Submit a good practice

Before submitting your good practice please bear the following requirements in mind:

• While the CRRF is officially rolled out in a number of countries, good practices reflecting a comprehensive approach in any country or situation are welcome.
• A CRRF good practice should contribute to at least one of the four CRRF objectives.
• A CRRF good practice should be innovative and reflect a ‘whole-of-society’ approach.
• A CRRF good practice should where relevant and to the extent possible reflect an age, gender and diversity-sensitive perspective.
• Please only select one CRRF-Pillar (pillar 5 for cross-cutting practices).
• Please avoid acronyms as much as possible and use clear language.

You will find a more detailed description of what can be considered a CRRF good practice and of the CRRF pillars and objectives in this document.

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CRRF pillar

CRRF objective (multiple choice)