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Americas Monthly Report – April 2019

Document type: Updates
Document language: English

This update provides an overview of key developments affecting the displacement situation in the Americas and some of UNHCR response activities in line with the 2019 strategic objectives for the region.


  • By the end of April, around 3,700 people have transited through the two main routes across Guatemala on their way to Mexico. Around the same number have registered with Mexican authorities to apply for the Regional Visitor Card at the International Hidalgo Bridge in the Guatemalan – Mexican border.
    In Mexico, Regional Visitor Cards that were traditionally foreseen for Guatemalan and Belize nationals have been extended to people from El Salvador and Honduras.
  • Since 12 April, up to 300 people daily arrived at the Guatemalan town of Tecun Uman aiming to cross into Mexico at the International Hidalgo Bridge. The majority were Hondurans (60%) and Cubans (30%). However other nationalities such as Nicaraguans, Salvadorians, Haitians and persons from Africa were also identified.
  • The detention facilities in the south of Mexico are overstretched. The Mexican Migration Authority (INM) opened alternative spaces in Tapachula State.

Published: 22 mayo, 2019 (7 meses ago)
Uploaded: 22 mayo, 2019 (7 meses ago)