Global Compact for Refugees - UNHCR

Rwanda becomes official CRRF roll-out country

  • Rwanda
  • 14 February, 2018

Through a note verbale on 14 February 2018, Rwanda’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINAFET) notified UNHCR that it is officially rolling out the CRRF. Further building on Rwanda’s inclusive refugee policies, discussions are currently underway to define the next steps to establish key priorities to deliver on comprehensive approaches. The application of the CRRF in Rwanda will build on the pledges made by the Government at the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees in September 2016 including to enhance employment opportunities for refugees, issue ID cards and travel documents and enhance refugees’ access to national systems. In April 2018, the Government will convene a workshop to agree on detailed commitments for the CRRF roll-out and agree on an inter-governmental facilitation mechanism to coordinate the roll-out. In the image above, students from the Paysannat L School are walking home after class in the Mahama refugee camp in Rwanda. The Paysannat L School follows a nationwide program that helps keep girls in school. 80% of the students are from Burundi and the other 20% are from the Rwandan host community.