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Pilot project for the financial inclusion of refugees in Uganda

  • Uganda
  • 10 July, 2018

A private non-profit company working to connect financial service providers to low-income earners in Uganda has expressed interest in extending their services to refugees by piloting a project to improve the financial inclusion of refugees in Kyangwali settlement, western Uganda. The company, called Financial Sector Deepening Uganda (FSD-U), has called for expressions of interest from financial service providers with whom they will develop and fund bespoke financial products for refugees. This will help refugees stand on their own feet and access similar services as Ugandans. FSD-U is funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID). The company’s recent assessments aim to design financial services specifically suited to the needs of refugees to engage other financial service providers. Recently, FSD has also engaged in similar initiatives in Rwanda.

Read more about FSD-U here.

Uganda. South Sudanese refugees at Busia Collection Point.