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CRRF launches in Ethiopia’s refugee-hosting regions raise awareness of national commitments and progress

  • Ethiopia
  • 21 June, 2018

In order to raise awareness on its Nine Pledges and progress made to translate them into action at regional and district levels, the Government of Ethiopia, with support from partners, officially launched the CRRF in the refugee-hosting regions of Assosa, Gambella, Mekelle, Jijiga and Samara in May 2018. The launches aim to facilitate the dissemination of information on comprehensive responses from the federal to the local level, and seeks to garner support from district officials and regional bureaus towards their application. The launches were attended by district officials, refugees and host community representatives, donors, NGOs, and development partners and the regional presidents.

Since the Leaders’ Summit in September 2016, the Government of Ethiopia has taken commendable steps to deliver on its Nine Pledges, including the extension of the registration of life events such as births and marriages to refugees,  and a 36,6% overall increase of refugee children’s enrolment in Ethiopia’s schools (preschool, primary and secondary schools, as well as tertiary education), bringing the total number of additional refugees who have enrolled in schools across the four levels of education to 52,786. For more information about Ethiopia’s delivery on its Nine Pledges, visit the Ethiopia’s CRRF page.   

“The nine pledges aim to help refugees become productive global citizens in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals”, said Ato Zeynu Jemal, Deputy Director of Ethiopia’s Administration for Refugee Affairs (ARRA).

“We have been hosting refugees for a long time and the pressure that a protracted refugee situation puts on the environment in particular is huge”, President of the Benishangul-Gumuz National Regional State, Mr. Ashadi said at the first regional launch in Assosa. “But we would like to focus on the positive side of events and see refugees as potential contributors to the Region’s development and work with the federal government, the UN and other stakeholders to realize the objectives of the CRRF.

For more information, see Ethiopia’s CRRF pagethe Government’s CRRF roadmap, the full list of pledges made by Ethiopia in this Leaders’ Summit summary document, and a ReliefWeb article on the first regional CRRF launch in Assosa.


Jijiga, Sheder Refugee Camp, Ethiopia. 

Their teachers call these two “the inseparables”. Farah Awit, 14, right, wants to be a surgeon. Osman Mohamed, 14, (middle) wants to become a teacher, so he can help his community gain knowledge, to bring back to Somalia one day.