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108 schools located in refugee camps and settlements now declared official Chadian schools

  • Chad
  • 18 July, 2018

N’Djamena, June 12, 2018. The Chadian Government through the Ministry of Education has announced that 108 schools located in 19 camps and refugee sites across the country will become official Chadian schools. This landmark measure enables refugee children to study alongside Chadian students.

The Government has already assigned 307 teachers to these schools and facilitated training to qualify an additional 439 refugee community teachers. The concerned schools were funded through the US Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migrants, and education partners Educate A Child, the Global Partnership for Education, and Education Cannot Wait.

Hailing the Government’s formalisation of the schools, the Governor of Dar Sila in south-eastern territory where some of the schools are located, said: “From now on, these schools in camps and refugee sites are public institutions. By this act, Chad reaffirms its commitment to provide quality, equitable and inclusive education for refugees and Chadian children”.

The decision by the Chadian Government to include these schools in the national education system aligns with its commitments at the UN Leaders’ Summit on Refugees in September 2016 to improve access to education for refugees. Its pledges also include to facilitate refugees’ access to tertiary education by encouraging universities to offer refugees the same tuition as Chadian students.

Schools girls are dancing and singing for local authorities in Djabal refugee camp (east). ©UNHCR/Yanik YY