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Swedish International Development Cooperation’s (SIDA) approach to operationalizing the humanitarian-development nexus

Document type: Studies and reports
Document language: English
Locations: Global

This document lays out SIDA’s 3 pillar-approach to systematize the work on risk, resilience and strengthened synergies between humanitarian and development assistance: i) conduct common analysis, planning and programming based on context specific risks and vulnerabilities; ii) increase flexible, innovative and complementary development funding for the most vulnerable people; and iii) promote increased dialogue and coordination on risk, resilience and synergies between humanitarian and development. The document also includes a number of concrete examples on how SIDA has been operationalizing the humanitarian-development nexus.

Published: 12 September, 2018 (1 year ago)
Uploaded: 12 September, 2018 (1 year ago)