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Child Poverty and Deprivation in Refugee Hosting Areas: Evidence from Uganda (2018)

Document type: Studies and reports
Document language: English
Locations: Uganda

Building on the inclusion of a module on the consensual approach to measuring child poverty and deprivation in the Uganda National Household Survey (UNHS, 2016/17) by the ever-innovative
Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBoS), this study represents the first attempt to compare child poverty and deprivation in host and refugee communities in the country.  The research and drafting of this report was led by Sheila Depio, Gemma Ahaibwe and Ibrahim Kasirye at the Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC), in close collaboration with Shailen Nandy and Marco Pomati at the University of Cardiff, and Nathalie Meyer and Diego Angemi at UNICEF Uganda.

Published: 10 October, 2018 (1 year ago)
Uploaded: 10 October, 2018 (1 year ago)