68.5M Forcibly displaced people worldwide
193 States adopted the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants
15 CRRF roll-out countries
2 Regional CRRF approaches

The New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants
is a milestone for global solidarity and refugee protection at a time of unprecedented displacement and calls upon UNHCR to develop and initiate the application of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) in particular situations, in close coordination with relevant States, other UN agencies, refugees, NGOS and other stakeholders.

The CRRF specifies key elements for a comprehensive response to any large movement of refugees. These include rapid and well-supported reception and admissions; support for immediate and on-going needs; assistance for local and national institutions and communities receiving refugees; and expanded opportunities for solutions. The CRRF has informed the preparation of the proposed global compact on refugees, which has been included in the High Commissioner’s annual report to the General Assembly in 2018.

Core CRRF objectives

  1. Ease pressure on the host countries involved
  2. Enhance refugee self-reliance
  3. Expand access to third-country solutions
  4. Support conditions in countries of origin for return in safety and dignity

Recent documents

Progress report: Highlights of Progress Towards Comprehensive Refugee Responses Since the Adoption of the New York Declaration, August 2018

Global | Studies and reports
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This document sets out examples of the progress that has been made since the adoption of the New York Declaration, both (a) in terms of the sustained attention that the Declaration and related processes have brought to refugee issues, and (b) in relation to each of the four objectives of the CRRF and the future global compact on refugees.

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Education Response Plan for Refugees and Host Communities in Uganda (2018-2021)

Uganda | Studies and reports Country/situation updates
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This national Education Response Plan (2018-2021) is designed to ensure that all refugee and host-community children and adolescents across Uganda have access to quality education at all levels. The plan will benefit over 675,000 children per year. The plan is a product of the concerted efforts of various stakeholders, including the Ministry of Education and Sports, donors, Civil Society Organizations and the United Nation Organizations, through the contribution of financial support, technical expertise and practical input.

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Affiche du CRRF - Afrique, août 2018

Chad Djibouti Ethiopia Kenya Rwanda Somali Situation Uganda Zambia | CRRF posters
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Cette affiche donne un aperçu des principaux développements dans les pays africains qui appliquent des réponses globales pour les réfugiés.

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Global events


17 Oct - 17 Oct 2018: Uganda CRRF Steering Group meeting

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