68.5M Forcibly displaced people worldwide
193 States adopted the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants
14 CRRF roll-out countries
2 Regional CRRF approaches

The New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants
is a milestone for global solidarity and refugee protection at a time of unprecedented displacement and calls upon UNHCR to develop and initiate the application of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) in particular situations, in close coordination with relevant States, other UN agencies, refugees, NGOS and other stakeholders.

The CRRF specifies key elements for a comprehensive response to any large movement of refugees. These include rapid and well-supported reception and admissions; support for immediate and on-going needs; assistance for local and national institutions and communities receiving refugees; and expanded opportunities for solutions. The CRRF will inform the preparation of a global compact on refugees, to be included in the High Commissioner’s annual report to the General Assembly in 2018.


Core CRRF objectives

  1. Ease pressure on the host countries involved
  2. Enhance refugee self-reliance
  3. Expand access to third-country solutions
  4. Support conditions in countries of origin for return in safety and dignity

Recent documents

Somalia Partnership Forum - Final Communiqué, July 2018

Africa Somali Situation | Statements
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Representatives from 58 countries and 6 international organizations gathered in Brussels to discuss the critical areas and progress that Somalia has accomplished so far. The statement presents the work done by the country in the areas of Inclusive politics, security, Economic Recovery, Partnerships, Gender and Human Rights, as well as, in Resilience, Recovery and Humanitarian Assistance.

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UNHCR & UNDP Joint Programming on the DRC Situation

Africa | Studies and reports
992.00 Kb

This report presents key outcomes on UNHCR and UNDP jointly programming on the DRC. The overview includes an analysis of how both partners are strengthening collaboration in humanitarian, development and peace areas.

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Political Participation of Refugees. The case of South Sudanese and Congolese Refugees in Uganda (2018 Report)

Africa | Studies and reports
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Focusing on refugees and asylum seekers living in Uganda, and who have fled either Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or South Sudan, this report explores the opportunities and challenges for political and civic participation in Uganda and the impact Refugees have to affect the democratic processes of their countries of origin.

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Global events


12/09/2018: Workshop on strengthening the operationalisation of CRRF in Kenya (Nairobi)

19/09/2018: Second anniversary of the adoption of the New York Declaration

17/10/2018: Uganda CRRF Steering Group meeting

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